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Pulsed high-intensity cold red light deeply permeates the tissue without heat

Activates cell-energy and is effective against inflammation and pain

Supports integrated wound therapy with fast effects

LED-therapy is highly intense and tissue-conserving at the same time


What is repuls®?

  • Based on scientific principles: 9 years of research at the Vienna University of Technology
  • Cold red light in the wavelength range of 620-640 nm, that is red light from the visible sunlight spectrum with high power density up to 280mW/cm2
  • Broad clinical experience
  • High therapeutic success rate
  • Easy, uncomplicated and mobile use
  • Low training and personnel costs
  • No unwanted side effects



Unsere repuls App ist da!

Die repuls App bietet in wenigen Schritten eine große Bandbreite an wertvollen Informationen rund um den repuls Tiefenstrahler an.

Vorteile der App:

- Der mobile Beipackzettel

- Ein großes Spektrum an Wissen

- Jederzeit und überall zugänglich

Auf Anfrage unter schalten wir Sie gerne für unsere spezifischen Einheiten frei. Zur Auswahl stehen: Hüfte, Schulter, Zahn, Regeneration und Prävention, Ellenbogen, Fuß, Halswirbelsäule, Hämatom, Hand, Knie, Muskulatur, Rücken und Wundheilung.

Die App ist für alle Apple- sowie Android Geräte kostenlos über den Appstore bzw. Google Playstore unter "repuls  App" erhältlich.

Bei Fragen zur Installation der App können Sie sich gerne dieses Video ansehen oder sich an uns wenden.

iPhone Trainingsubersicht ScaleWidthWzgwMF0

repuls® 7 for medical professionals

Optimized for use in medical practices and clinics, repuls® 7 offers maximum efficacy with a minimum of time and good tolerability.

to product

repuls® 4 for medical professionals and home use

repuls® 4 is the basic model of our repuls®-series. It is especially designed for mobile and home use without limiting the effects.

to product

How does repuls® work?

repuls® uses pulsed high-intensity cold red light that deeply permeates the tissue without heat.

  • It interrupts the inflammation controlling leukotriene metabolism in cells
  • Activation of mitochondria, the "powerhouses of cells"
  • Increased ATP-Production (metabolism of cell-energy) and strengthens cellular repair mechanisms
  • Increased growth in muscle, connective tissue and endothelial cells
  • Reduces pain successfully and without negative side effects

In total these processes result in improved regeneration of damaged tissue structure.


How to use repuls®?

repuls® treatment ist easy and user-friendly.

repuls® is used on skin, muscle and connective tissue and joints. Place it directly on the point of pain and keep it in direct contact with the skin. The application takes 12 to 20 minutes and can be carried out 2 times per day. After only a few treatments repuls® therapy shows its first effects. repuls® allows a broad spectrum of application without known side effects.

» musculoskeletal disorders
» wound healing

application details

Ask your doctor about the use of repuls® depth radiators
or make an appointment with our trained repuls® consultants

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